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[Guided visit] Customer Development interviews

[Esta visita guiada está también disponible en español]

If you are interested in knowing some details about interviews with customers, as part of the practice of Customer Development:
  1. Understand the “CustDev interview” as a tool in the context of Customer Development and consider five important keys about how to prepare this kind of interviews [see blog entry]
  2. This simple 4-step model can help you during an interview to explore problems of real interest for the customer [see blog entry]
  3. The “rule of the three pros” might help you to plan the interviewing process and to change the priority focus as this process evolves [see blog entry]
  4. Design beforehand the territory of problems and solutions that you want to explore with your customers, where you want to focus on [see blog entry]
  5. Reflect on your proposal for the customers you want to interview and the value that you are going to offer them to keep them involved in the process [see blog entry 1] [see blog entry 2]
  6. Get familiar with some concepts that may help you, before and during an interview, to identify whether you are preparing/posing the right questions or you are thinking too much in “your” solution [see blog entry]
  7. Know other tools, proposed by disciplines such as “generative research” or “design thinking”, that may complement CustDev interviews [see blog entry]

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