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[Guided visit] Lean Startup methodology

[Esta visita guiada está también disponible en español]

If you want to know the basics about Lean Startup methodology and its main concepts:
  1. Look over the evolution during the last years regarding methods and tools to support startup creation processes, to put the emergence of the Lean Startup "movement" into context [see blog entry]
  2. Know the origins and main principles of the Lean Startup methodology in the words of its creator, Eric Ries [see blog entry]
  3. Understand why the expression coined by Eric Ries uses the word "lean" and where it comes from, so that you have a better understanding of the basics of this methodology [see blog entry]
  4. Understand the essential keys about the crucial concept of "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP) [see blog entry 1] that, more than a product itself, it has to be understood as a learning tool (a means) for us to get closer to the desired product (the end) in a more accurate way [see blog entry 2]

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