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[Guided visit] Business Model Canvas: guidelines, tips and alternatives

[Esta visita guiada está también disponible en español]

If you are interested in some guidelines and tips to use Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas or some of its alternatives:
  1. Know the origin and some basic notions about the Business Model Canvas, explained by its creator, Alexander Osterwalder [see blog entry in Spanish, with video in English]
  2. Compare Business Model Canvas with one of its most popular derivative works, Ash Maurya's Lean Canvas, to understand which one better fits your needs [see blog entry]
  3. Get familiar with some basic tips to work with two basic canvas blocks: the Value Proposition... [see blog entry]
  4. ... and the Customer Segments [see blog entry], with some additional guidelines to model your customers according to their direct relationship with the product you want to create [see blog entry]
  5. Understand the concept of Product-Market Fit, dealing with the relationship between the two canvas blocks described before [see blog entry]
  6. Analyze which one of those two canvas blocks might be interesting to model first in more detail [see blog entry]

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