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"Product/Market Fit Canvas" business modeling tool available

When we reviewed in a previous entry (in Spanish) several business modeling tools derived from Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas (thanks to its Creative Commons BY-SA license), I mentioned a project whose goal was to create a "Product/Market Fit Canvas", focusing on the "product-market fit" concept and following a crowdsourcing approach, as the project was open to contributions from anyone interested in the subject. In this entry I would like to mention this tool again, as its final version has just been published and is now available for its download.

As this project's promoters mentioned when launching the final version of this "Product/Market Fit Canvas", the tool is the result of an open-innovation process involving the collaboration among 150+ co-creators from 25 different countries during several months.

The use guide that is distributed alongside this tool explains that the canvas is divided into eight building blocks, four of which are centered on gathering client/market's features, while the remaining four contain product/service's features. Quoting the use guide, the blocks dealing with client/market contain these aspects:
  • Characteristics & jobs to be done: WHO is the typical customer for your product/service and what job(s) is he/she trying to get done?
  • Problems & needs: WHY do your customers need to use your product/service in order to get their job(s) done?
  • Channel: HOW do your customers acquire your products/services?
  • User experience: WHAT does your customer do with the product to get real value?

On the other hand, the blocks dealing with product/service are:
  • Alternatives: The approach(es) your customer is currently taking to get their job(s) done, including the tools they are using.
  • Key features: The essential elements that your product or service must have to meet your customers' needs and solve their problem.
  • Value for the channel: The value your channel will get by offering and selling your product.
  • Key metrics: The key things to measure to know if your customer is getting real value. These metrics will help you to know if you've achieved Product-Market Fit.

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