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Chronology of antecedents, origin and development of Big Data

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One of the contents that I use in my lectures on Big Data (and that I have often seen included and referenced in other works and speeches) is a set of chronological charts with different milestones related to the antecedents of Big Data (the first applications of data analysis in business contexts), its origin and later development. As I had this temporal thread fragmented in different slides, I thought of publishing one chronological chart grouping the main milestones I use to present.

This chronological chart does not cover each and every tool that has been developed around the idea of Big Data, but at least it highlights those milestones that allow us to show the link between a series of academic disseminations (describing the key aspects of certain internal developments, mostly by Google, to solve specific Big Data use cases) and the subsequent development of open-source solutions implementing them. I find this pattern highly relevant to understand the evolution of these technologies, and how the availability of open-source implementations (first with Apache Hadoop, and later with many additional tools around it forming the "Hadoop ecosystem") has favored the popularization of Big Data.

Apart from those innovation milestones based on the "dissemination -> open source tool" pattern, I also compile the previous milestones that allow us to contextualize many of the terms usually mentioned along with Big Data (Data Mining, Data Science, Business Intelligence, etc.), as the antecedents establishing the foundations of data analysis in business contexts. They allow us to better understand the need that motivated the development of the first Big Data technologies.

Here is the chronological chart, published with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (click on the image to open it full-size):

Chronology of antecedents, origin and development of Big Data (CC BY-SA Mikel Niño)

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